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wight Loss, Muscle Gain, How to live a healthy life, Personal Training, Female Personal Trainer, Sports Coach, Fitness Class
Personal Training

wight Loss, Muscle Gain, How to live a healthy life, Personal Training, Female Personal Trainer, Sports Coach, Fitness Class
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Vie Fit Holistic Personal Training, Fitness Classes, Personal Coaching and Retreats Vie Fit Holistic Personal Training, Fitness Classes, Personal Coaching and Retreats Vie Fit Holistic Personal Training, Fitness Classes, Personal Coaching and Retreats


Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I train?

The answer to this lays within your goals and medical allowances. If you have conditions such as Fibromyalgia and other degenerative diseases then it depends on how active your life is generally and how you feel from day to day. Luckily, we have experience of working with such conditions so we remain flexible in our approach ensuring you develop and keep lifestyle habits so you too have the opportunity to self-care with good support and guidance from a team who cares about your progress.

If you have no medical issues then the recommended standard is 3 times per week or 180 mins, we can make these 180 minutes’ work for you throughout your week with good planning and support.

Can I over train?

Yes, and quite often people getting back into training or going back to the gym do just this so let’s visit the above solution, three good sessions per week or 180 mins of exercise fit into your lifestyle should avoid the issue of over training, it will certainly ease the pressure you put on yourself, out team of dedicated professionals will make sure you get the balance between training, work, family/social life and time for self-care, after all that’s what the holistic approach is all about.

Can I train with injuries?

In short, the answer is yes but please inform your Personal Trainer/Physician  of any injuries so they can plan your sessions appropriately. Learning to manage and adapt is a great life skill and one that definitely has its place with regards to your health. Rehabilitation is also important so once injury has healed then we will where necessary factor in a rehabilitation process. You never need to take a step back.

How Long are sessions?

Sessions vary from 45 mins to 90 mins sometimes the duration will depend on the programme written for you, for instance HIIT style programmes are much shorter than strength and conditioning programmes, and yes you will need a mix of the too to ensure you are meeting your goals and learning how to look after your body.

What is Holistic wellbeing?

Holistic wellbeing is a good fancy term that simply means you are looking after yourself in all aspects of your life, so from the food you eat, the entertainment you chose, the way you socially engage, the time out you take to unwind and recharge. In short it means are you really the centre focus of your life, and looking after everything which impacts your life in a positive way allowing you to feel good, free ad focused!

Vie Fit prides itself on its life coaching influence, Our Personal Trainers are well versed in life and have studied, new psychology, coaching groups, personal coaching, meditation and practice of selfcare as well holding necessary qualifications on Personal Training, circuit training, Kettlebell Training, First Aid, Nutritional studies and continued professional development is at the heart of Vie Fits wellness, wellbeing ethos and so we are building a team or Personal Trainers with varied skill sets which allow us a greater base of knowledge and support when it comes to serving out clients.

What are the main benefits of regular exercise?

The main benefit of regular exercise is mental wellbeing, from a purely scientific point of view exercise impacts the endocrine system (your hormones) which in turn has an immediate effect on the way you feel and your mood.  Using your muscles ensures you do not get weak over time and put extra strain on your vital organs or capillaries. Regular exercise increases bone density ever if you suffer from things like osteoporosis, fibromyalgia exercises is highly recommended. In fact one of our current clients has felt a marked improvement in her fibromyalgia due to exercise.

What are the main benefits of eating well?

The first things most people notice when they start to make subtle changes in their nutritional habits is that they feel better have more energy and are generally less irritable. This is due to in the first instance cutting out refined sugars. This new lease of life enables the brain to start rewiring and reprogramming itself and so the desire to exercise, go for a walk and be more active starts to become a stronger and stronger desire and everything flows from there. Eating fats that help with digestion and waste helps people who often suffer from bloatedness, constipation and enables them to lose weight. More information and guidence on eating fats to burn fats is available when you sign up to out nutritional programme.

Why can I not do this short term and expect the results to stick?

The simple answer is Homeostasis or adaptability. The human body is amazing it naturally adapts to what is asked of it so it can serve your purpose, exercise asks the body to improve physical wellbeing, if you don’t exercise you’re not asking your body to do anything and so it will do nothing. We are genetically predisposed to be able to thrive and sustain a healthy life on the food nature provides for the work we do, if we ignore this and eat what we want when we want the body gets confused as the nutrients it is predisposed to thriving on get sparse are replaced with high calorific foods with little to no nutritional value, therefore storing excess calories because the body is not designed to use them.

When life gets in the way how am I supposed to continue/manage my fitness routine?

Life will always get in the way, that’s the whole point of the holistic approach and learning how to adapt your exercise routines as your life grows, changes and develops. It’s simple you are either ready and looking for help in improving your lifestyle or you are not ready and will find another way to get immediate gratification and continue the loop until you decide you want to change the cycle. When you’re ready we are here waiting to support you and help you manage anomalies that may threaten to throw you off track. We have a 100% track record of being able to help clients manage when life throws a curve ball, our aim is always to help and assist you.

~For people who are new to Fitness and Training it is advised for the first couple of months to book 8 sessions per month to get optimum results and to develop a foundation of progression understanding of how to manage your fitness lifestyle in the long term.

~ It advised by the government to do at least 30 mins of exercise per day that’s 3 hours 30 mins. If you are doing 2 good 45 minute HIIT sessions per month and adding a good body conditioning routine to that then you are working at great level. This can all be achieved with 1 to 1 training a mix of online and 1 to 1 training or just online training, the choice is yours. The bonus of a Personal Trainer is their knowledge and support. If you lack knowledge but have focs speak get in touch and I can help advise you on what you need from me as a trainer.

~I have seen myself clients who start with one session a week from doing nothing find it very difficult to train without their trainer in the formative weeks which results in forfeiting their goals. Personal training can only work with 100% commitment from both parties, I will commit to you if you commit to your goals and programme. If you are committed one session a week could be enough but we have to develop a foundation of technique so your exercise programme does not harm you.

~Sessions can be done in your home, at the gym or preferably at the home of one of our trainers. If you are in Spain sessions will be done in our private studio.

For rehabilitation sessions again depend upon commitment but also necessity, it is always advisable to let your body rest, this is where developing a programme of exercise with and without a trainer becomes a great addition to support your goals and needs.

I only work with long term client’s my specialism is coaching and the development of new lifestyle habits within realistic time frames, everything is goal orientated and with enough enthusiasm, and determination anything is achievable.