Winter Training

Winter in my training experience is the time when athletes go all out and train hard ready for games and competitions in Spring/Summer. To me this is my worst nightmare and has always been my biggest downfall. I hate being cold, my body and brain just shut down and I stop moving and hibernate (we all know hibernating means we slowly start to eat more).

This winter as it’s my first winter as a Personal Trainer I am fighting to so called comforts of the winter and continuing my training regardless (I don’t want to lose the progress I’ve made), it’s not easy to do. Because I set goals and intentions regularly I am managing to stay motivated and consistent with my training and pass this ethos on to my long-term clients, but I am also making full use of my Gym membership to help keep me in the right headspace, it also helps that I have clients who love outdoor running, So staying running/winter-fit for their benefit is a great motivator for me.

Here are a few of my personal tips for winter training:

  • Make full use of your gym membership, don’t just wait for January to come after December binges because you will just make it hard for yourself getting back into the swing of things mentally and physically. Plus it’s only 3 months until spring, 3 months is just the beginning of a training regime it’s far from the whole plan.
  • Remember that fitness and being healthy is a way of life, it’s not a seasonal accessory, letting yourself go or giving yourself a break in December is only piling on the workload and associated health risks for next year. Giving yourself a break from training for a whole month is not great. However easing up in training to fit in extra December commitments is allowed, you train for quality of life, you don’t train to sacrifice your life.
  • Plan your training schedule weekly – set yourself an end of year final goal and go for it, if you need help with that any Personal Trainer I’m sure would be happy to oblige. If you are a gym member then use the staff at your gym to assist and advise you, that’s their job, they will thank you for it.
  • Mix-up your training, try new things, give yourself something to look forward to, plan your food so it is seasonal and enjoyable and so your not missing out, this will also help you not to break the calorie bank if you have set goals.

For more help with your winter training please contact me, and if you are local feel free to contact the guy’s at Streamline gym, they are a great team and a wealth of knowledge.

Train hard – Work Hard – Play Harder, live is for the living.


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